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Born 1942, son of Imre Deak (1892-1945). Father studied with Emil Von Sauer, Stephen Thoman--students of Franz Liszt. Veteran of WW I. Later studied with Bela Bartok (with whom he had a decades-long friendship. I lost father at age 3. Became interested in jazz in 1959. Studied vibraphone with Bobby Hutcherson for 1 year. Became a pianist after hearing Bill Evans on Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue" album. To this day, I perform in the jazz idiom. Classical influences for my "contemplative music" are: Debussy, Ravel, Hindemith, Barber, and Finzi. I have won two classical competitions, have been published formally three times, have had a broadcast of my music, and have had three professional CDs produced.



09 February 2012, News
Finalist in Composition Competition in Thessalonika, Greece 2011
I was awarded a diploma and academic honors in the "expert" category for my Piano Sonata "Contrasts" for 2011. The work can be found here at Musicaneo.
Michael Deak

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The Molly Suite
Classical / Piece
Memories From Childhood
Classical / Piece
Piano Sonata 'Contrasts'
Classical / Sonata